Juliana Ramirez

My time interning for HCP was one of those opportunities that was extremely rewarding and valuable to my future. After opening a pop-up gallery in Austin TX, the Houston Center for Photography allowed me to observe the necessary components needed to run a professional gallery space. Every intern was made to feel like a part of the team and their contributions were hands on and vital to the greater good of the space.

When I am not interning for HCP I am activily involved in managing the Mom Gallery. The Mom Gallery is a living room pop-up gallery in Hyde Park run by FIC Collective. FIC is an art collective based in Austin, Texas and was created to foster an art community that contributes to the collaboration, discussion, and creation of work. As a collective, our goal is to share a vision of expression that speaks across media and challenges the perspective of art as a singular narrative. FIC offers a space in which the individual and collective come together to create and present work.

--Juliana Ramirez
St Edward's University