Julia Davila

HCP was my first internship and I loved being there so much that I continued to intern after the suggested time (one semester). Throughout my year-long internship, I was given the creative freedom to choose what department I wanted to gain experience in so I decided to move around to learn different aspects of what working in a gallery was truly like! HCP was good to me and I'll always be grateful for that! I continue to keep in touch with those who were there while I was interning whether it be through social media, email or attending HCP events. I learned so much while I was there, I wouldn't even know where to begin! From setting up an exhibition to helping members register for classes to answering the phone and assisting with whatever the caller was calling about, my time at HCP will always have a special place in my heart, life and most importantly, career. The people at HCP are knowledgeable, wise and extremely helpful in seeing their interns grow. I was proud (and still am) to say that I was an HCP intern! I never felt like the stereotypical intern with going on coffee or lunch runs or doing busy work. Everyday was something new! I am honored that they trusted my skills and experience with projects like drawing on the walls when preparing to hang photographs for an upcoming exhibition to handling expensive photographs and even building media lists and updating the website content! I always thought, "Wow! This is awesome!"

--Julia Davila
University of Houston