Julia Baker

As an Outreach Intern for HCP in the summer of 2014, I assisted in leading the photography camp for elementary and middle school students. We introduced the students to the basic functions of the camera and, within a week, watched as they progressed to shooting portraits using advanced lighting and self-constructed sets. What I learned was the importance of equipping students with any of the tools they found necessary to foster their creativity. While some took quickly to the technical functions of the camera, others found their strength in staging elaborate scenes, and still others communicated well with the people who occupied those spaces. What I enjoyed the most was my role as the mentor to the students who were interested in the different opportunities and pathways for photographers and sharing with them my experiences. This year, I will be finishing my bachelor’s degree at the UNC School of Media and Journalism with a specialization in photojournalism. After this year, I hope to work in the field of Health Communications, using my experience in photojournalism to effectively tell the stories of those affected by health disparities nationally and internationally. Because of my internship at HCP, I have seen the ability of photography to reach people and I look forward to a career in which I can illustrate the importance of that outreach.

--Julia Baker
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill