Jessica Crute

Jessica Crute is a fine art social documentary artist whose work aims to advocate for underrepresented populations within society by using the lens as a tool to capture the intricacies of human emotion and culture strife. She received a Bachelor’s of Art in Creative Writing from Texas Tech University and she is currently pursing a Master’s of Photography/ Digital Media at the University of Houston. She has recently founded the Voice of the Homeless Awareness Project, which seeks to humanize the issue of homelessness through the creation of art in public spaces. By capturing the stories and handwritten text of those who are without a home, she seeks to transform multiple billboards across the nation, beginning in Houston, Texas, into a platform to which the voice of the homeless may be heard. Jessica’s work has recently appeared in the Lawndale’s Big Show and Houston Center for Photography’s exhibition, Focus on Hunger and the 31st Annual Juried Membership Exhibition.

Frequently Teaches

Composition I: From Good to Great
Photography I: Learning the Basics
Photography II: Beyond the Basics
Photographing Families
Photoshop I: The Basics