Academic Calendar

September, October, November and December
Calendar is announced in August

January, February, March and April
Calendar is announced in November Early Registration for HCP members begins Tuesday, November 15th at noon. Registration for the general public begins Monday, November 28th at noon

May, June, July and August
Calendar is announced in April

Through the Learning Center, HCP offers over 300 workshops to the general public each year. HCP's Educational Calendar is published quarterly and presents workshops for both film and digital photographers of all levels. Photographers can choose topics they are interested in or follow a curriculum guide to learn the basics of photography. Workshops and courses are held on-site at HCP in the critique room and digital darkroom as well as off-site in the field, at artist studios, or at the facility of one of our partner organizations. HCP members receive a discount to all classes & workshops. Members also enjoy the benefit of early registration each quarter.

Certificate of Completion
The Learning Center at HCP offers a Certificate of Completion based on the workflow and creative process in photography. Following the coursework, students learn how to capture, edit, process and present their photographs while learning how to enhance their photographic skills, creative processes, and presentation.

Youth Programs
At the Houston Center for Photography, we are proud to introduce a series of programs created directly for our younger friends.

Master Classes
In addition to the quarterly programming, HCP also hosts Master Classes taught by world renowned photographers four to six times a year.