Workflow Areas

Based on the photographic workflow, the curriculum organizes our classes in four areas within three levels: Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced.

Capture Images: Students learn how to capture images through camera, scanning or alternative processes. Topics learned in this area include compositional principles, nature of light and shadow and how a camera works.

Edit Images: Students learn how to select images for projects, and the use of computer software to assist them in the process.

Process Images: Students learn the nature of digital images, color management and how to modify images using computer software.

Present Images: Students learn how to present their images and maintain and manage their digital archives. They also learn how to print digitally, create a website, or publish a book.

The Workflow System is a curriculum based on the photographic workflow and guides students through the creative process, teaching students how to capture, edit, process, and present their photographs.

The new curriculum takes students beyond just snapping photos, and actually provides instruction at all levels on various photographic styles and workflows, thus enabling students to become practicing photographers.

Using the Workflow: Finding your next class is as easy as 1-2-3!

With this new class structure, students can follow the photographic workflow in their level and at their own pace. In the class information, students can now find the areas of the workflow the class covers. There are cases where classes cover more than one workflow area.

If you are starting your photographic path, look for classes in our Capture area at the Introductory Level.
If you are interested in learning how to print and have little experience setting up your images for printing, look for classes in our Present area at the Introductory Level.
If you are a seasoned photographer interested in putting up your online portfolio, look for classes in our Present area at the Intermediate level.
If you are preparing your photographic portfolio and need help editing your body of work, look for classes in the Edit area at the Intermediate and Advanced Level.