Picture This!

PictureThis! touches the lives of patients at Texas Children’s Hospital as part of their Arts In Medicine program.

HCP outreach educators work with in-patient and out-patient children on short-term projects, often incorporating family members in the creative process. Most projects employ digital photography. The program at Texas Children’s Hospital is funded in part by the Clayton Dabney Foundation for Kids with Cancer.

Work created by the children of PictureThis! is shown in an annual exhibition at the HCP galleries. The children are given private tours of the exhibition, enabling them to see and experience their photographic work outside of the hospital in a gallery setting.

Flash Drive

“HCP Creates Meaningful Photography Experiences,” aptly describes what we do. The Flash Drive fits this definition very clearly—it creates experiences that will leave a lasting impression on the participant. Arts education continues to be cut in the classroom and is often hard to find in clinics and hospitals. The Flash Drive will fill a creative hole and provide a hands-on, memorable experience for participants. The program will be offered to community centers, senior citizen centers, health care facilities and special cultural events throughout the city.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is where the heart is. During certain times of the year, HCP will need help with preparing for large events. If interested, please email Joseph Roberts and ask to be placed on the volunteer opportunity email list.