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Picture This!

HCP believes that everyone can benefit from the creative and imaginative aspects of photography. As an important means of self-expression, it can strengthen participants' sense of self and develop confidence and competence creatively and professionally in individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of arts exposure. HCP is committed to lifelong learning through photography and seeks to educate the community about its history and process as well as the ways in which photography can be used as a tool for personal and community expression.

HCP’s Access and Community Education (A.C.E.) programs build community and support the organization’s mission of educating and inspiring the public with the art and practice of photography. These programs, which include Picture This!, Girls' Own Stories, and Collaborations stem from an understanding of the camera as a tool for empowerment. HCP's A.C.E. programs meet individuals where they are, and our Teaching Artists validate their unique lived experiences through diverse curriculum tailored to the needs of each site we visit. Currently, Teaching Artists work in medical settings, including Texas Children’s Hospital, as well as schools and community centers like St. Stephen’s Episcopal School and Wesley Community Center.


PictureThis! is HCP’s five-module community education program, originally developed and implemented at Texas Children’s Hospital in 2002. It has since been taught at schools and community centers throughout the greater Houston area. Students participating in the program learn the importance of photography in communicating a message, how to use a camera, how to understand their place in the environment, and how to communicate their vision through exhibitions and public talks.

Flash Drive

In spring 2014, HCP purchased an out-of-service ambulance with the hope of taking its community education programs on the road.​The exterior of the ambulance was transformed into a camera and premiered during the National Global Alliance for the Arts and Health Conference held in Houston, April 2014. It made its public debut during the Houston Art Car Parade in May 2014.

HCP has finally completed the process of converting the ambulance into the Flash Drive, a Mobile Photography Education Unit, featuring a working camera obscura.

Family Day

Family Day is a twice a year community event at HCP geared towards making our exhibitions accessible to people of all ages. Family Days are free and open to the public.

Upcoming Family Days:

March 24, 2018


Collaborations is a program that connects 20 Houston-area high school students to each other and to photography, culminating in a professionally mounted exhibition at HCP. Over the course of 8-10 weeks, HCP brings in professionals and artists to cover such topics like the business of photography, publishing, preparing for portfolio reviews, and writing artist statements. HCP also teaches students how to print and mount their work in a professional manner and fosters the students’ public speaking and presentation skills through artist talks and a print sale which are attended by the general public in HCP’s galleries.

The work created in the program has been the platform for many of the students' college applications, and the relationships built extend beyond the program, not only with each other but also with HCP. The Collaborations program provides students across various socioeconomic backgrounds the opportunity to build relationships and skills that they can use creatively and professionally throughout their lives. Scholarships are available.

Girls' Own Stories

First piloted in 1994, Girls’ Own Stories is an original HCP program that focuses on boosting self-esteem and academic achievement for girls ages eight through thirteen. During the program, girls explore topics that matter to them, such as self-esteem and body-positivity. Girls' Own Stories is offered to the community through partnerships with schools and community centers.