Flash Drive

Flash Drive original concept art

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Flash Drive at Hotel ZaZa for the Global Alliance for Arts and Health Conference

Celebrating the Flash Drive completion for the Art Car Parade

Flash drive at the Houston Art Car Parade

Staff at the Houston Art Car Parade

Phase 2 of the Flash Drive concept

In the Spring of 2014, HCP purchased an out-of-service ambulance with the hope of taking its outreach programs on the road.​The exterior of the ambulance was transformed into a camera and premiered during the National Global Alliance for Arts and Health Conference held in Houston April 2014. It made its public debut during the Houston Art Car Parade in May 2014.

HCP has finally completed the process of converting the ambulance into the Flash Drive, a Mobile Photography Education Unit; featuring a working camera obscura.

The Flash Drive allows HCP’s PictureThis! curriculum to reach new audiences by offering programs at various locations; including schools and community centers. This mobile learning center permits instructors to conduct in-depth, technology-based arts instruction throughout the greater Houston area.