Flash Drive

Flash Drive original concept art

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Flash Drive at Hotel ZaZa for the Global Alliance for Arts and Health Conference

Celebrating the Flash Drive completion for the Art Car Parade

Flash drive at the Houston Art Car Parade

Staff at the Houston Art Car Parade

Phase 2 of the Flash Drive concept

Started in 2002, Houston Center for Photography’s Picture This! program serves children receiving treatment at Texas Children’s Hospital and their families. Using photography-based activities, HCP’s trained facilitators work with patients on a variety of projects aimed at engaging creativity and exploring key learning topics which encourage motor, emotional and developmental skills. The program enables young patients to focus on cultivating imagination while learning new technologies, art practices, tools, and skills that cross multiple disciplines. Using iPads, digital cameras, iPhones and printers, facilitators are able to teach basic photography skills such as composition, lighting, editing, and printing. The Picture This! program has successfully stimulated dialogue and offered meaningful photography education in the healthcare setting for twelve years. Last year, the program served 500 individuals, 300 of them who were considered youth, and employed five artists.

The idea emerged to make a mobile classroom—something that would allow us to take the curriculum we’ve developed and set education on wheels, driving our programs out of the Museum District to reach Houstonians who do not currently engage in our programming. We have purchased an ambulance to transform into the “Flash Drive”—a mobile photography studio with a mission to inspire and heal through the merger of arts and health. This will function as a portable extension of HCP’s Picture This! program. The Flash Drive will continue this legacy in an even more creative and innovative way by literally bringing arts programs, packaged in a unique yet familiar vehicular format, to our target participants.

“HCP Creates Meaningful Photography Experiences,” aptly describes what we do. The Flash Drive fits this definition very clearly—it creates experiences that will leave a lasting impression on the participant. Arts education continues to be cut in the classroom and is often hard to find in clinics and hospitals. The Flash Drive will fill a creative hole and provide a hands-on, memorable experience for participants. The program will be offered to community centers, senior citizen centers, health care facilities and special cultural events throughout the city. The Flash Drive will be introduced to the health community during the national Global Alliance for Arts and Health Conference being held in Houston April 9–12, 2014, and then to the general public at the Houston Art Car Parade on May 10th, 2014. HCP strives to connect people through photography, providing accessible points of entry to artistic skills and rapidly changing technology. The Flash Drive conveys the culture of Houston Center for Photography—accessible to all, photography based, inclusive, rooted in arts and education.