PictureThis! is HCP’s five-module community education program, originally developed and implemented at Texas Children’s Hospital in 2002. At Texas Children’s Hospital, it serves children and their families receiving intensive medical treatment. Using photography-based activities, HCP’s Teaching Artists work with patients on a variety of projects aimed at engaging creativity and exploring key learning topics which encourage motor, emotional and developmental skills. The PictureThis! program has successfully stimulated dialogue and offered meaningful photography education in the healthcare setting for more than a decade.

Since 2015, PictureThis! has been adapted to fit needs of communities outside the hospital, serving youth in schools, community centers and apartment complexes around the greater Houston area.Students participating in the program learn the importance of photography in communicating a message, how to use a camera, how to understand their place in the environment, and how to communicate their vision through exhibitions and public talks. HCP’s Teaching Artists provide continuous feedback and constructive critique on the work created, offer assignments for students to work on their own time, and show examples from other photographers to provide inspiration that sparks the students’ imaginations. Throughout the program, students search for their personal vision and embark on the creation of a series of work that is showcased upon their completion of the program.

Module 1: Reading a Photograph: Intro to Photography
Module 2: Understanding How the Camera Works
Module 3: I See You, I See Me: Exploration in Portraiture
Module 4: The World Around Me: Exploring the Environment
Module 5: Sharing Your Photograph

PictureThis! at Texas Children’s Hospital is funded in part by the Clayton Dabney Foundation for Kids with Cancer.