Black & White Photography in the Digital Age

  Start Date February 26
  Time 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  Instructor Mark Chen

Class meets four Mondays: February 26th, March 5th, 12th & 19th, from 7:00—9:00 pm.

There is an elegance, purity, and timelessness to a black and white photograph. Even in our digital age, the monochromatic image is as relevant and popular today as it was during the days of the traditional darkroom. In fact, in digital photography it is often included in our composition tools and used to simplify the chaos of our surroundings.
This is an all-encompassing class for digital black and white photography, which will explore all aspects of the image: from capture to print. Some topics covered include monochromatic and infrared capture, processes for image conversion in post-production, and fine-tuning black and white prints. By the end of class you will be able to create even more artful and skillful images and elevate your black and white photography to monochromatic perfection!

$205 HCP Members / $250 Regular price

What to bring to class:
Digital Camera with 'Manual' Mode and various lenses

Suggested courses to continue education:
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Early registration is November 14th - November 21st for HCP members only.
Registration for the general public opens Tuesday, November 21st at noon.

Level Special Topics
Course Type Process, Present
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