Photoshop II: Working with Layers

  Start Date March 14
  Time 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
  Instructor Kristy Peet

Advance your basic knowledge of Photoshop in this course dedicated to the many wonderful uses of layers! After a discussion on the theory of layers, you will learn techniques that will allow you to make complex adjustments in lighting as well as techniques to blend multiple images for digital montages. There will also be an introduction to High Dynamic Range (HDR) which will allow you to make images that maintain detail in both the shadows and the highlights.

This course includes:
Definition and theory of layers
Layer masks
Techniques to blend multiple images for digital montages
Introduction to High Dynamic Range
Hands-on practice
Feedback on your images

What to bring to class:
3 - 5 images, Portable storage device

Photography I: Learning the Basics, Photography II: Beyond the Basics, Photoshop I: Getting Started

Level Introductory
Seats Available 4 / 20
Course Type Process
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