Collaborations X Double Exposure: Concept | Construct

  May 18 - June 30

Each year the dynamics of the program vary as the students get to know each others' point of view in life and art. For Double Exposure: Concept | Construct, students analyzed the symbolism of their own photographic work, embarking on the deconstruction of their individual work's meaning and constructing a collective concept for the exhibition, a new scenery, a new tableau. The result is a collection of photographic images created through collage, digital and darkroom manipulation, stitching and performance, which invites the viewers to form their own interpretation based on their personal concepts and beliefs.

About Collaborations

HCP’s Collaborations is an educational program that celebrates photography and encourages collaboration and teamwork amongst Houston-area high school students as they create an exhibition and personal bodies of work from beginning to end.

In its 10th year, the program welcomed 19 students from thirteen Houston-area high schools. Through regular evening meetings these teenagers met with HCP staff and visiting photography specialists to discuss exhibition planning, to critique photographic work, and to participate in lectures and discussions with artists and photographers from the Houston community.

- Juliana Forero, Ph.D., HCP Director of Education

Collaborations X participants are: Yolanda Asumu (Seven Lakes High School)
Valerie Barocio (Cypress Ranch High School)
Ana Barrios (KIPP Houston High School)
Claire Dorfman (Saint John's School)
Karina Filipovich (Cy-Fair High School)
Nate Freeman (The Kinkaid School)
Grace Gallagher (George Ranch High School)
Elissa Hakemack (Saint John's School)
Katherine Laake (Houston Learning Academy)
Erick Martinez (KIPP Houston High School)
Kate Moger (Saint Agnes Academy)
Joshua Mokry (Cypress Ranch High School)
Clara Moore (Saint Agnes Academy)
Jade Partain (Cypress Ranch High School)
Silvia Pera (Carnegie Vanguard High School)
Nataly Perez (KIPP Sunnyside High School)
Andrea Rivera (KIPP Houston High School)
Michael Swift (The Briarwood School)
Myari Ware (Homeschooled)

Opening Reception: May 3, 2013 at 5:30pm
Artists Talk: May 18, 2013 at 11:00am
On view: May 3 - June 30, 2013