Our Supporters


2014–15 Board of Directors


President – Jereann Chaney

Vice President – Nena Marsh
Treasurer – Deborah Bay
Secretary – Liz Anders
Parliamentarian – Bob Schwartz


Joe Aker

Chuy Benitez
Kofi Burney
John D. Chaney
Krista Dumas
Patricia Eifel
Tom Flaherty
Howard Hilliard
Jean Karotkin
Mavis Kelsey III
Frazier King
Geoffrey Koslov
Jay Munisteri
Alison Porter
Margaret Rotan
Bill Walterman

We greatly appreciate all forms of selfless giving from our supporters. Without their generosity, their dedication and their commitment, we would not be able to reach out, teach and inspire the Houston community. Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters past, present and future.

Individual Donors

Julie and Drew Alexander
Patricia J. Eifel and Jim Belli
Joe Aker
Deborah Bay and Edgar Browning
Poppi Massey
John D. Chaney
Barbara and Geoffrey Koslov
Frazier King
Celia and Jay Munisteri
Joan and Stanford Alexander
Charles Butt
Joan Morgenstern
Burt Nelson
Jereann Chaney
James E. Maloney
Sue and Bob Schwartz
Bob Gomel
Kathryn and Tim Lee
Susan and Patrick Cook
Elizabeth and David Anders
Howard Hilliard and Betty Pecore
Wendy and Mavis Kelsey, Jr.
Stuart C. Nelson FS
Mariquita Masterson
Muffy and Alexander K. McLanahan
Mickey and Mike Marvins
Nena D. Marsh
Tatiana and Craig Massey
Rebecca Roof
Jim Dow
Sally and John Hopper
Thomas Damsgaard
Cara and Jorge Barer
Krista and Mike Dumas
Sherry and James Kempner
James R. Fisher
Kevin E. Bassler
Jerry Reed
Frank Sherwood White
Mike Stude
Bevin and Dan Dubrowski
Dodie Otey and Richard S. Jackson
Bob Gulley
Eddie Allen and Chinhui Juhn
Gay Block
Sanford L. Dow
Kathleen Schmeler
Susan and Steve Solcher
Scott R. Sparvero
Tamara Staples
Louis Vest
William Winkler
Eric Faust
Libbie J. Masterson
Christopher Ashby
Janet and Roger Durand
Kelly and Norman Bering
Laura and Tom Bacon
Donna J. Wan
Carolyn Brown
Priscilla A. Kanady
Marisa Cigarroa Heymach
John H. Duncan, Jr.
Wallace Wilson
Anne Tucker
Marcia Patrick
Shelley Calton
Randy and Laurie Allen
Robert L. Gerry, III
Molly Hipp and Ford Hubbard, III
Leslie and Mark Hull
Fan and Peter Morris
J. Andrew Nairn
Dee Ann Pederson
Betsy and Charles Powell
Del Zogg

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