Center Show

Images on the following four pages are taken from HCP's second annual members' exhibition, which took place in May and June after a highly compe­titive selection process from an exten­sive field of entries. Portfolios of ten prints each were shown in the main gallery by Dave Crossley, Paul Hester, Gary Fay, Patsy Arcidiacono, Gay Block, Julia Milazzo, Jim Caldwell, Muffy McLanahan, Sally Horrigan and Sharon Stewart.

In the members’ gallery, individual images were shown by Peter McClennan, Maud Lipscomb, Bill Adams, Grace Malone, Martha Armstrong, Herman Detering, Gerald Moorehead, Jim Elmore, Barbara Ginsburg, Ron Jones, Burton Anes, Lynn Trafton, Cathy Gubin, Paula Goldman, David Portz and Frank McGinnis.