Fall 1999

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Harrowing Tranquilities
by Dick Doughty

Searching for the Truth
by R. Eric Davis and Tracy Stephenson

Contacting the Spirit World
by Michael Odom

Photographic Narrative and the Imagination
by Kathleen Ottervik

Human Existence and the Natural World
by Sara-Jayne Parsons

The Art of Illusion
by Ileana Marcoulesco

by Anne Wilkes Tucker

And Everyday a Fabulous Life
by Rick Williams

Photographs of Isolation
by Bill Davenport

Journeys and Voyages
by Michael DeVoll

The Possibilites of Emptiness
by Gregory Spaid

Going Gentle Into That Good Night
by Michael Lieberman

Communal Culture
by Sarah Valdez

Off the Map
by Jill Waterman

Lewis Carroll, Amateur
by David L. Jacobs