Fall 2005 In This Issue

Many changes have taken place at HCP since l was hired as Editor of SPOT two years ago. In March of 2005, I was hired as Interim Executive Director; I hired three new staff members (Anna Julia, Program Director; Jennifer Hennessy, Administrative Assistant; Brenda Mendiola, Finance Administrator), and asked Antonio Manega of Gazer Design Group to redesign SPOT. In addition, last month The members of HCP elected 11new Board Members and reelected the current Board, now totaling 21 members.

HCP celebrates its 24th year This October—quite a feat considering the tough climate arts organizations have had to endure over the past decade. During the past six months, Ihave seen this organization revived, energized, and embrace change like no other. The manv changes include remaining at our current location and building our Learning Center next door. We hope to complete the Learning Center by December. Stay tuned for more changes—including the redesign of the HCP logo and a new exterior sign for our building!

Like the organization, SPOT magazine is rich with a complex past involving countless art luminaries and important contributors Its former tabloid scale (11 x 17 inches) and austere black logo reflect the experimental nature that was SPOT {and HCP) since its inception. Past articles and photographs capture a bustling photography scene in Houston narrated by politically charged essays. Notable photographs document early FotoFests, an early HCP Board retreat, and even a Black & White ball! Anne Tucker can be seen sporting a ponytail while judging the first Members' exhibition; a mustached Clint Willour leads the first HCP auction, and Paul Hester serving as the first President of HCP [Editor's Note: Some of these gems and other fascinating artifacts will be on display at our anniversary party on October 29th, 2005.] These world-class professionals still find Time to contribute to HCP and the photography community, despite the frenzied pace of the Houston art scene It is only fining That in this issue we include words and images by long-time supporters: Peter Brown, Anne Tucker, Paul Hester. MANUAL, and The first editor of SPOT Dave Crossley, as well as the former editor, Cynthia Freeland. I look forward to continuing the tradition of marrying text and image as SPOT turns 21 in the 21st century!

Allison Hunter
Editor and Interim Executive Director