Wind, Water, Air, and Ashes
Colonsay and Oronsay, 2006

by Peter Brown

Caitlin’s clothes, drying near the spot where we scattered some of my father’s ashes in 2003. The ashes shot into the air towards Jura. Baleromindubh garden, Colonsay, 2006.

2 – 5.
Caitlin dancing on the stands at Kiloran Bay, ashes again went with the wind, swirling into the clouds. Colonsay, 2006.

6 – 9.
My brother Mark above Baleromindubh, dancing and pointing the way to Jura. Colonsay, 2006.

The spot where ashes came to rest in 2003. We scattered them inside the Priory chapel and tossed them through a small window (the parallelogram of light). Robert McAfee Brown, my father and theologian had great affection for these islands. Ornosay Priory, 2006.

Colonosay and Oronsay are two small islands, connected by a strand. They are the westernmost islands of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, and are home to the MacPhies.