Page 22

by Karl Baden

"So...are you really worried that, you could get cancer from me"

"Uh huh.."

"Is that true?"

'Uh huh.."

"Did somebody say that you
could, or did you Just figure
that out for yourself?"

"I'm just scared. I'm scared that you're gonna die."


'Yes, really."
"Well, let, me tell you something, sweetie... First, of all, I'm not, going to die. Because the kind of canoer I have you can get cured from."

"Yeah, but,you can also die."

"Well, but the chances of getlng cured are much greater than the chances of dying. And if I don't feel well now, it's because of the chemo; It's not because of the cancer. The cancer doesn't hurt at all. I really think that I'm gonna be around for a long time. Ok?"


" I mean really. I'm not kidding..."