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by Amalia K. Amaki

Creative ideas make me tick.

If stranded on a desert island, give me an iPod, book of poetry by Federico Garcia Lorca, and Charlie Rose.

I can't live without love, hope and a creative outlet.

I was inspired most to become an artist as a young girl by the aroma of my father's cakes; and, later in my development by Nikki Giovanni's poetry.

My favorite is indigo unless I am really angry when it is a blazing red.

I think the possibilities with techno-photography are practically limitless.

If not an artist, I would be a writer and film critic.

I seldom know when I am done, usually my time has run out and I stop.

The main advice I would give to an emerging artist is to do the work and let time do its thing.

HCP played a key role in exposing my work beyond the Southeast.

My fondest memory of HCP is during Fotofest 1995: the show, the people, the food and meeting James Nakagawa.

I have supported myself teaching, curating and (surprisingly) landing an occasional commission, all of which were related to my career as an artist. Some of the other jobs included working as a wire transfer investigator for a bank, clerical support for EPA, airline reservations. I hated the airline job but loved the benefits - I traveled to five of the seven continents, forty-eight of the 50 states and fell in love with Beausoleil and St. Barthelemey.

I am very influenced by film and all forms of popular media.

I love contemporary art (options are not set), respect the pop art and black art movements, am still intrigued by surrealism and am least moved by Rococo art.

I am happiest with a job well done and a great big "YES" in my spirit.