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by Brita and Peter D'Agostino

These days, I can't fall asleep at night. Kept up by a general nameless anxiety, eventually I find myself downstairs in front of the television, flipping the dial. The self-portraits are stills from my video in which I am jokingly attempting to fall asleep on my feet in the studio. The resulting somewhat embarrassing images draw from both contemporary and classical sensibilities pointing to a larger theme of the impossibility and absurdity of an idealized state of a blissfully sleep in an anxiety-ridden world. I conceived of Virtual Napping as a performance in the most private of settings, allowing others to share in a personal aspect of my life. The title implies both the possibility for actual sleep as well as play, and flirts with the idea of virtual sex. In this performance, the audience can choose to become part of a collaborative performance with the artist in her bedroom. The piece asks the audience to react to the representation of a woman in an intimate setting, in real time, and addresses issues such as intimacy, vulnerability, voyeurism and surveillance. Brita

ViewS encompasses broadly defined themes from my work: personal histories and cultural memories in a video/web database of images, sounds, and texts dealing with the concepts of anticipations and anxieties. Images from my own immediate environment in my studio are juxtaposed with film clips from different eras including: 9/11, The Cold War and World War II. The ambiguous sources of sounds and images are intended to accentuate a mood rather than to explicate any of these specific events. As a result, I have focused on the universal themes of watching and being watched, fear, and a dark humor that this crazy quilt of images may elicit for the viewer. Peter d’Agostino

This interactive videodisc project incorporates the sounds of Brita's birth / first words/ sentences/songs and her early drawings. DOUBLE YOU ( X, Y, and Z. ) is based on the four forces that cause all physical interactions in the universe: light, gravity, strong & weak forces juxtaposed with
her early language development. The installation was exhibited during the mid-1980s at several international venues including the Museum of Modern Art, and the Houston Center for Photography.