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by Joe Gregory

In the 1988 the Figure in the Interior the theme I adopted for the work I made for an exhibition about 'Women and Space'. Referencing landscapes, architecture and interiors of all descriptions, site is a motif which litters my work both past and present from the constructed spaces of my very early work, the open-ended narratives of Honeymoon & Cinderella to the work shown here which was made on the Lunuganga Estate in Sri Lanka. On reflection the focus is the reclamation of an internal space, the search for that which I can call my own. Lunuganga is an isolated rural idyll was where I spent a long period of time thinking, looking and being alone. The photographs strongly reflect my mood at the time, which was very dark and heavy, unsurprising as I was in the first year following my father's death. A famous artist wrote in a book about drawing a long time ago "Photography cannot compete with drawing as a method of expression, as method of feelings, as method of telling people about things."(1) Not sure that that has ever been true...