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What makes you tick? Electrolytes? Synaptical explo­sions? That burger down there? Who knows?
What is the one thing you can't live without?Life.
Why are you a photographer? To get to the other side.
What most inspired you to be­come an artist? Aren't we all?
What most inspired you to be­come a photographer? Blow Up.
What's your favorite color? Pantone 1788.
Where do you think photogra­phy is going? Where no one has gone before, of course. Isn't that the mission?
If you weren't an artist, what would you be? Dead, I guess. I don't think of my­self as an artist. I'm an image maker Mostly using a computer, But I'm probably better known as an urban fiend.
How do you know when you're done? You don't. You're done when you stop. Actually, my wife would pre­fer you use "finished."
What advice can you give to emerging artists? Get ahold of yourself.
What is your favorite book on photography? A View of the Universe, by David Malin
How did HCP help your career? It kept me from getting used to making money, and enabled me to never really do that. Thanks a lot.
How did you get involved with HCP initially? I was called, like all the rest, by Anne Tucker.
How do you feel about HCP? Mystified, but pretty good.
What's your fondest memory about HCP? Cutting the ribbon at the opening of the space. Well, maybe going to the Lucky Burger every day with Muffy and Lynn McLanahan.
What work have you seen re­cently that you like? Houston's Worth It was great. Hubble keeps getting better.
What would you want on your tombstone? Coming soon, but not yet.
What artists/curators/critics ig­nite your emotions? Mel Chin. I resist being emo­tional in the presence of curators and critics.
What gets your goat? A low whistle, or sometimes a carrot will work.
Do small nonprofit arts organi­zations still matter to you? Not as much now, but they don't have to matter to me to be impor­tant. Nonprofit photography or­ganizations are more interesting, as are urban growth institutes.
Does the history of photogra­phy inform your practice? Well, sure, it's how we know so much of what we know. I've tried to reduce pictures to words, but it seems to take thousands.
How do you feel about corpo­rate sponsors for art events? If it keeps thing hopping, it's okay with me. Wish they would spon­sor more photography events, but art's okay too.
How do you feel about the NEA? Feel? Oh, about the same as I feel about curators and critics.
What jobs have you done to support yourself? Nine careers, several jobs, lots of free-lance. Hard to describe.
What media influence you? All of it, washing over me, chok­ing, can't see....
What art movement do you em­brace most strongly and least strongly? I'm undecided, ambivalent, disin­terested even. This pie in the face stuff is pretty interesting.
What makes you happy? Oh, filling out forms, sur­veys, questionnaires, that sort of thing.
What questions should we be asking? Be nice to have more of them about pho­tography. But, as I said, art's okay too.