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Leavin' a Testimony
Portraits from Rural Texas
University of Texas Press

Pasty Cravens

Bennie Charles Glover
"I loves women! And I love girls. All women! Big women, little women, I loves women!" declared B. C. Glover, with a quiet smile. It sounded less like bragging than a simple statement of fact.

Odalisque, basking in the sun, on a summer afternoon

Isabel M. Garcia
"There was a lot of prej'dice 'round Texas, when I was growin' up--'no Mex'cans allowed', you know? I heard my commandin' office say he didn't want 'no Indian or goddamned Mex'cans for NCO's! How'd you like that?"

"I only got through third grade", Garcia said, "cause Daddy was always movin' around, searchin' out work."