The Silver Issue

by Peter Brown

This issue of SPOT is devoted to our retrospective past, to the twenty-five years that Houston Center for Photography has been in existence.

A wide variety of photographers have shown their work at HCP over the past quarter century and a broad selection of these people were asked to exhibit their work in our current retrospective exhibition, Silver.

These same people were then given the opportunity to "curate" a page in SPOT magazine in any way they saw fit. ThisSPOT would then not be a catalog in the conventional sense, but something new. Our criteria were simple - do what you want - words, images, whatever seems of interest.

To start things rolling, we posed a series of questions which referred to the photographers themselves, to photography, to personal responses to the medium and to life in general. But these questions were merely prompts: those who were interested could respond to any, all or none. We gave our participants full choice: the design, the words, the images....

What you have here is the result, a collection of new work, new pages and new thought, the first such SPOT, though perhaps not the last. We hope you enjoy it.

David Crossley, SPOTs first editor has fittingly contributed an Introduction to this retrospective issue.

-Peter Brown Publications Chair