Stan Gaz Sites of Impact: Portfolio

Meteorite Craters Around the World

Spectacular aerial views of some of the Earth's most memorable craters are featured in Stan Gaz's monograph Sites of Impact: Meteorite Craters Around the World, published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2009. With essays by Christian Koeberl and Robert Silberman, the book couples art with science, providing viscerally engaging imagery supported by indexical information and details on meteorite research. Gaz's black and white depictions of these seemingly extraterrestrial concave landforms span several contiĀ­nents. While some images are referential to the forms themselves,
the series includes constructs of blackened skies and up-close abstractions that have a tactile quality akin to the artist's earlier ash series. The narrative points to new and diverging theories on how the shock of meteoritic impact to the Earth's crust and mantle influences both geological and biological evolution.