Going, Gone...

by Lynne McLanahan

Houston Center for Photography held its first auction on December 11, 1982. The event proved to be a tremendous boost for HCP morale as well as its budget. Appropriately, the auction was held at the site of HCP's very-first meeting, the Paradise Bar and Grill, thanks to the generosity of owners Frederic and Betty Fleming. Despite the drizzle and chill outside, the Paradise was filled to capacity with an eager crowd staking out their seats long before the auction was to begin. All of the photographs to be sold had been on view at an exhibit at the Rice Media Center the previous week.

The afternoon was a bit like a three-ring circus. In one ring was the auctioneer Charles Stillwell, working his way through the catalogue of 87 photographs donated by members and many internationally prominent photographers. Stillwell kept the bidding moving along, and Clint Willour of Watson de Nagy Gallery provided an eloquent introduction for each piece. Auction highs were reached for photographs donated by Ralph Steiner, Jerry Uelsmann, and George Krause.

In ring two was the table auction, with silent bidding taking place throughout the afternoon for photographs by photographers including Ralph Gibson, Eve Arnold, and Gilles Larrain. In ring three was the table sale, a mix of photographs, books, old cameras, and assorted photographica old and new.

At the end of the afternoon, Anne Tucker, Curator of Photography at Houston's Museum of Fine Arts, with eyes closed, drew for the door prizes, which were photographs by Aaron Siskind, Lone Jacobi, Edward Curtis, Charles Schorre, and Paul Capomgro. The winners were (in order): Richard Simone, Lars Giertz, Patsy Arcidiacono, Yusuke Tsukamoto, and Mary Benedick.

Raffle ticket sales brought in $3,872.50 and the auction netted $20,457.50 for the HCP. This number was achieved only by the hard work and enthusiasm of a large group of devoted members and the generosity of all of the photographers, friends, and galleries whose donations made the auction possible. The HCP wishes to thank all of these people for their support. The funds raised have helped HCP with their matching grant from the Cultural Arts Council of Houston, and have made it possible for the HCP to begin looking for a permanent residence. Another auction, you ask? Tentative plans point towards the spring of 1984.
Lvnn McLanahan

The Houston Center for Photography would like to thank the following for their donations to the auction:
Ansel Adams, William Adams, Patsy Arcidiacono, Martha Armstrong, Eve Arnold, Fred Baldwin. Daniel Bissonet, C. A. Black, Gay Block, Brazos Bookstore, Stephen Brigidi, Peter Brown, Caro Cage, Janet Caldwell, Jim Caldwell, Ginny Camfield, Paul Chapman, Barbara Chilton, William Christenberry, George and Loraine Clark, Danny Clayton, Buddy Clemons, Clemons Gallery, Kerry Coppin, Roben Cozens, David Crossley, Dennis Darling, Doe Dougherty, Jim Dougherty, Glenn Edwards, Jim Elmore, Jim Estes, Ralph Fales, Frederic and Betty Fleming.

William Frazier, Lee Friedlander, Sally Gall, Rich Gardner, Ralph Gibson, Lars Giertz, Joyce Gold, Ed Grazda, Mary Margaret Hansen, Paul Hester, Marty Hidalgo, Sally Horrigan, C. Bryan Jones, R. R. Jones, Paul Judice, George Krause, Les Krims,Kjpton Kumler, Victor Landweber, Gilles Larrain, Maud Lipscomb, Meredtlh Long, L.T.D. Graphix, Danny Lyon, Mancini Gallery, Manual (Ed Hill and Suzanne Bloom), Bob Mathews, Neil Maurer, Paul Mazzara, Peter McClennan. Sam McColloch and Jewel McCollough.

Lynn McLanahan, Muffy McLanahan, McMurtrey Frame Studio, Ray Metzker, Richard Misrach. Henry Mitchell, Moody Gallery, Margaret Moore, Gerald Moorhead, Mike Murphy, Joan Myers, Robert Nagle, Richard Nassberg, Jeff Nixon, Robert Oakes, David Portz, Mark Power, Neal Rantoul, April Rapier, Marty Rau, Robert Reeves, Kathy Reiser, Don Rice, Robert Rodeck, Bill Rodgers, Eva Rubenstiein, Janice Rubin, Debra Rueb, Danny Samuels, Naomi Savage, Beth Schlanger, Charles Schorre, Don Shaw, Aaron Siskind, Neal Slavin, Randy Spalinger, Ralph Steiner, Sharon Stewart, Jim Stone, Trudy Sween, George Tice, Jim Tiebout, Lynn Townsend-Trafton, Yusuke Tsukamoto, Anne Tucker, Jerry Uelsmann, Ellen Wallenstein, Murray Weiss, Wendy Watriss. Casey Williams, Clin Willour. Geoff Winningham, and Peter Yenne.

Thanks also go to those who donated works by the following photographers: George Barnard, Margaret Bourke-White, Linda Conner, Paul Caponigro, Edward Curtis, Mario Giacomelli, Hedrich-Blessing, Lewis Hine, Laton Huffman, Lotte Jacobi, Sache, and Marion Posi-Wolcott.