Stars . . . Stars Stars . . .

By Lynn McLanahan

The Baroque Treasures from Cine-Revue (1945-1960), Tour Maine-Montparnasse
Going to this exhibit on the 56th floor of the only skyscraper in Paris was a bit like going to the top of the Empire State Building.

One buys a ticket, takes a special elevator, goes through several turn-styles, and suddenly has a breath­taking view of the city. The black and white photographs from the archives of Cine-Revue present movie stars as we have come to know them in front of the camera, and also on the set behind the scenes, contrasting the real with the unreal. The "immortals” of the time are there: Ava Gardner, Elvis Presley, Bette Davis, Elizabeth Tay­lor, and yes, Ronald Reagan are all depicted for the most part as we were meant to see them, glamor­ous stars full of "le sex-appeal,'' Hollywood's themes and power over fashion become very evident.
The photographers included Ray­mond Voinquel, Sam Levin. Clarence Bull and Virgil Apger, yet their roles in the creation of these pic­tures seemed to receive back seat treatment; their subjects easily dominated the exhibition.
In the spirit of Hollywood, it seemed appropriate that the exhibition was surrounded by souvenir shops where one could buy any­thing from placemats of Paris to lottery tickets.