European Women Photographers of the 21st Century

from the collecton of Mark Haukohl

"I am not only interested in the surface meaning," Haukohl says, "but in the second, third, and fourth meaning in an image. How can the work translate to the next art historical
Why focus on women? SPOT asks. "Because this is what I can contribute to art history," he replies.Who are the best female photographers in Europe? Are they names photography fans would recognize in the United States? These are questions that drive Mark Fehrs Haukohl, native of Milwaukee, resident of Houston, and avid collector of contemporary photography. Acting as president of The Vero Group, Haukohl has dedicated himself since 2000 to attending art fairs, museums, and galleries throughout the European continent, in search of the strongest examples of female photographers' work by country. Staking his ranking through his purchases, Haukohl continues to build a collection that is diverse in style but rigorously specific in its mission. The selection of works featured in this presentation focus on images which SPOT finds compelling, yet underexposed in the art world.
His holdings range from work by well-established artists such as Marina Abramovi, Vanessa Beecroft, Susan Derges, Candida Hofer, Sylvie Fleury, Sarah Pickering, Melanie Manchot, Shirana Shahbazi, and Catherine Yass, to images by artists with little or no international exposure. He enjoys the challenge of finding newer faces in the art world, and as a result has collected work by Alexandra Croitoru (of Romania), and Anna Ferrer and Cristina Martin Lara (both from Spain). Several of Haukohl's pieces are extremely rare, such as his Untitled, September 2006, by Hannah Starkey, and Annegret Soltau's hand-stitched collage Grima-with Cat, No. 208. Despite his plunge into the contemporary, Haukohl remains loyal to his earlier interest in collecting seventeenth-century Italian painting; as evidenced by his love of Elisa Sighicelli's Untitled (Benevenuto di Giovanni), a back lit photograph of a Sienese Renaissance painting.