Winter 2003 Book Reviews

Compiled by Daniela Lozano

Barthelme, Frederick. Trip. New York: Powerhouse Books, 1999.
Photographs by Susan Lipper taken throughout the United States accompanied by text by Frederick Barthelme provide a visual essay docu­menting life on the road.
Birringer, Johannes. Performance on the Edge: Transformations of Culture. New Brunswick, NJ: The Athlone Press, 2000, 285 pages.
This book seeks to map out the new territory of contemporary theatre, dance, media arts and activism. It addresses the politics of community-oriented and reconstructive artmaking in an era marked by, among other things, the AIDS crisis, warfare and xenophobia.
Breakey, Kate. Small Deaths. Austin, TX: The University of Texas Press, 2001,167 pages.
Oversized, hand-colored images of found animal remains from photographer Kate Breakey's ongo­ing Small Deaths series. Breakey's work has been linked to the larger traditions of still-life painting and the postmortem photography of the 19"1cen­tury.
Brodwick, Marilyn Spievak. Faces of Aging. Galveston, TX: The University of Texas Medical Branch, 2001, 97 pages.
Marilyn Spievak Brodwick, a geriatric researcher and free-lance photographer, takes black-and-white portraits of elderly people that portray a positive image of aging.

Carver, Antonia. Blink: 100 Photographers, 010 Curators, 010 Writers. New York: Phaidon Press, Inc., 2002, 440 pages.
This book provides an up-to-the-minute, global overview of con­temporary photog­raphy from art to photojournalism, fashion to digital photography. Ten curators chose 10 photographers each who they consider to have emerged and broken new ground in the last five years. Ten writers were also chosen by the curators based on their ability to illustrate the cultural context surrounding the pho­tography.
Eklund, Douglas; Goldstein, Ann; Hambourg, Maria Morris & Wylie, Charles.Tftomos Struth 1977-2002. Dallas, TX: Dallas Museum of Art, 2002, 189 pages.
Catalogue encompassing Struth's entire body of work dating from the late 1970s to the early 2000s. Engaging essays by well-known photogra­phy and art experts chronicle Struth's career.
Greenough, Sarah. Alfred Stieglitz: the Key Set: the Alfred Stieglitz Collection of Photographs. Washington, D.C.: National Gallery of Art; New York: Harry N. Abrams, 2002,1012 pages.
The definitive two-volume catalogue of the Alfred Stieglitz Collection of Photographs at the National Gallery of Art in Washington. Donated to the National Gallery by Stieglitz's wife, the painter Georgia O'Keeffe, the set consists of more than 1,600 works. The catalogue includes complete in-depth notes on each photograph and establishes a chronology of Stieglitz's art.
Junior, Christiano. Un Pais en Transicion: Fotografias de Buenos Aires, Cuyo y el Noroeste. Chile: Fundacion Antorchas, 2002,119 pages. Photographs of Argentina from 1867 to 1883 by photographer Christiano Junior with text by Beatriz Bragoni, Abel Alexander and Luis Priamo. Includes an English translation.
Kellner, Thomas. Monumente. Germany: Burkhard Arnold, 2002, 63 pages.
Kellner offers unconventional architectural photo­graphs of famous buildings. Includes text in German and English by Gerhard Gliiher.
Madigan, Martha. Vernal Equinox. New York: Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, 2001, 55 pages.
Madigan uses her version of a nineteenth-century process originally called "sun-printing" or "heliog-raphy" to create photograms of human figures and plant forms.
Manchester, Kate. The Perfect Wedding Cake. New York: Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2001.
A guide for bride and groom on how to choose a wedding cake. Featuring full-color photographs of beautiful wedding cakes by Zeva Oelbaum.
McDaris, Wendy. Visualizing the Blues. Memphis, TN: The Dixon Gallery and Gardens, 2000,159 pages.
This book brings together photographs by world-renowned photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Margaret Bourke-White and Walker Evans, as well as work by emerging artists to cre­ate a portrait of the culture of the American South and its rich roots and experiences.

Merritt, Raymond; Earth, Miles. A Thousand Hounds. New York: Taschen, 2000, 600 pages.
An unusual history of photography told exclusively with images of dogs. Spanning over 150 years, this book chronicles the life and times of man and dog and includes the work of famous photographers and artists such as Picasso, Man Ray, David Salle, Elliot Erwitt and William Wegman.
Renner, Eric. Pinhole Photography. Boston: Focal Press, 2000,189 pages.
An illustrated history and practical how-to guide to pinhole photography.
Sheikh, Fazal. A Camel for the Son. Germany: Sheikh, Fazal, 2001,110 pages.
This book is the first in a series of projects intend­ed to further awareness of international human rights issues. Text and photographs of Somali refugees in Kenya by Sheikh.
Sheikh, Fazal. Ramadan Moon. Germany: Sheikh, Fazal, 2001, 59 pages.
The second in a series of projects intended to fur­ther awareness of international human rights issues, this book features portraits of a Somali woman refugee in the Netherlands and her story.
Siegfried, Elizabeth. Life Lines. Toronto, Ontario: Hathaway Press, 2000.
Elizabeth Siegfried's self-portraits and images of nature provide a visual narrative that is both per­sonal and psychological in nature.
Westmoreland Museum of American Art. Spirit of a Community: The Photographs of Charles 'Teenie' Harris. Greensburg, PA: Westmoreland Museum of American Art, 2001, 48 pages.
Catalogue for an exhibition of Charles Teenie' Harris's photographs. This is a sampling of materi­al from his vast body of work documenting the daily life of African American communities of Pittsburgh.
Zarate, Ernest J. At the Beach. Petaluma, CA: Tomelet Press, 1999, 27 pages.
Photographs of the renowned California beach culture by California photographer Ernest J. Zarate.