Before You Buy: Planning Your Photographic Purchase

  Start Date September 10
  Time 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
  Instructor Mark Chen

Class meets on Sunday, September 10th, from 3:30—5:30 pm.

Should I go with a Nikon or Canon? What’s the difference between DX and FX? Why is this f2.8 lens four times the cost of an f4 lens? Or maybe you have questions about specific techniques or gear, such as; which drone should I buy for aerial shots of sugarcane fields or what’s the best camera set up for architectural photography?

If you are in the market for something new in your camera bag, Before You Buy can answer all of these questions and more! Whether you are looking to update your camera arsenal or buy the perfect gift for someone else, this is the class for you. All you need to bring to class are your questions!

$45 HCP Members / $55 Regular price

Early registration (August 16th–22nd) is for HCP members only.
Registration for the general public begins Wednesday, August 23rd.

Level Introductory
Seats Available 5 / 10
Course Type Capture
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