Photoshop: The Magic of Retouching

  Start Date November 30
  Time 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  Instructor Mark Chen

Class meets two Thursdays: November 30th & December 7th, from 7:00-9:00 pm

Sometimes photographers need a touch of magic to take their images to the next level. Photoshop has the tools that a photographer needs to make the magic happen, but understanding how to put these tools to work takes knowledge and practice. Using them effectively to resolve tricky problems often calls for special techniques. Photoshop: The Magic of Retouching is an action-packed, 4-hour course, which will focus on mastering these techniques.

Remove unwanted objects like power-lines and stop signs to simplify your urban wildlife scenes. Smooth wrinkles, eliminate blemishes and hide pores like a pro. Clean up trash on the ground or spots in your camera lens. You will learn to do all of this and more! Students are encouraged to challenge the instructor and their peers to solve the hardest cases by contributing their own "problem" images to the demonstration workflow.

$130 Members / $160 Regular Price

What to bring to class:
10-20 images to edit
Portable storage device

Suggested Pre-requisites:
Photoshop I: Getting Started

Suggested classes to continue education:
Photoshop II: Working with Layers
Lightroom II: Sharing your Photos
Printing Your Photographs I: The Basics

Level Intermediate
Seats Available 4 / 8
Course Type Edit, Process
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