Artist Lecture: Ryan Bush

  Start Date February 26
  Time 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
  Instructor Ryan Bush

Join HCP Thursday, February 26 at 6pm for a discussion with Ryan Bush on his Visions series of 3-D photographs, including inspirations for the series and its key themes, various ways to experience the works, and his process in creating the photographs.

About the Visions series
These three-dimensional photographs are about visionary experiences, and the powerful feelings of awe, mystery, and beauty that can they can evoke. I believe that we’ve all had or can have some kind of visionary experience, such as a powerful dream, a sudden flash of insight or inspiration, an experience of light seen with the inner eye (aka the pineal gland, or ‘third eye’), or a spontaneous numinous experience when out in nature. In these visionary experiences we may suddenly see things in an entirely new way, like a new dimension unfolding before our eyes.

Carl Jung described the visionary experience as “sublime, pregnant with meaning, … it arises from timeless depths… it can be a revelation whose heights and depths are beyond our fathoming, or a vision of beauty which we can never put into words.” Whether you believe that visions are real, or just products of the imagination, they are undeniably powerful experiences, and that’s what this series tries to recreate. You don’t have to be Moses or Teresa of Avila to see visions, or have powerful dreams, or connect deeply with the world of imagination.

The series also deals with themes of the physical world and the “subtle” world, center and periphery, symmetry and asymmetry, perfection and imperfection, the human and the divine. These pairs are beautifully combined in the word chaosmos, which James Joyce coined to describe the dual nature of things, both chaotic and cosmically ordered, the one and the many.

Ryan Bush: Visions on view at HCP February 27-April 26, 2015

Level Introductory