The Surface of Things

  November 18 - January 15

On view: November 18, 2016- January 15, 2017
Opening Reception: Friday, November 18 5:30pm-8pm
Artists Remarks begin at 6pm

The Surface of Things brings together a diverse group of contemporary artists who use the photogram or the surface of photo-sensitive materials to explore environmental, aesthetic and cultural questions. The materials the photographers have chosen and the surface of those materials contribute to the meaning of each piece. Color film has been coated with inkjet inks; living bodies have been photogrammed onto paper; textiles have been collaged and scanned; expired film has been exposed and printed; photo chemistry has been painted onto watercolor paper; film has been exposed to radioactive soil; human ashes have been placed directly onto film.

A photogram might seem simple—it is just a silhouette, made by preventing light from reaching light sensitive paper (or other material). It is a shadow. It can be made without a camera in a dark room. In the hands of these contemporary experimenters it becomes so much more—an examination of form and time, of the nature of objects, of our experience of light and its absence.

The works in the exhibition gesture past the image surface toward bigger concepts and questions. The photographs invite us to examine how objects carry meaning and cultural and political weight and the ways in which they become metaphors for other things. In this sense a thing, or its surface, is never all there is.

- Curator Keliy Anderson-Staley, Assistant Professor of Photography and Digital Media, University of Houston

Hernease Davis
Adam Fuss
Tere Garcia
Meggan Gould
Myra Greene
Farrah Karapetian
Aspen Mays
Brittany Nelson
Meghann Riepenhoff
Alison Rossiter
Eric Stewart
Shimpei Takeda

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This exhibition is sponsored by Joan Morgenstern, Nena Marsh, Frazier King, Cara & Jorge Barer, Krista & Mike Dumas, Shelley Calton & Stuart Nelson, Liz Anders & Associates and Susana Monteverde