Photolucida Presents: How One Thing Leads To Another

  May 9 - July 6

Photolucida presents Critical Mass: Top 50: How One Thing Leads To Another, Curated by Jessica Johnston. This exhibition has travelled from San Francisco and HCP is the final stop for the annual exhibition. HCP opening reception: May 9th, 6-8pm

This exhibition brings together one photograph from each of the fifty winning series submitted to the 2013 annual Photolucida competition, Critical Mass.

By bringing together a diverse group of over 200 curators, publishers, and other professionals to judge a short list of works by 200 photographers, this contest certainly achieves a kind of critical mass. The scientific theory of critical mass (the amount of material needed to sustain nuclear fission) has been used as a metaphor for human behavior and popularized through the concept of the tipping point—a point at which, by achieving critical mass, change is inevitable. In Photolucida's competition, the aim is to expose a large number of photographers to large number professionals in the field, with the hope that such critical mass will reach the tipping point, creating change and opportunities for these emerging artists.

Photography’s ability to change how we view the world and ourselves is one of the medium's most compelling features. However, photographs are complex and can take on different meanings and elicit different emotions if we change where and how they are viewed. Building on the ability of context to change perception, each photograph in How One Thing Leads To Another has been paired with a photograph from another winning series. Pairings were chosen by identifying compatibilities in subject, color, composition, or balance, and sometimes, alternatively, because of an incompatibility between these elements.

By encouraging the photographs to be perceived outside the context of their respective series, the pairings help to heighten the impact of each single image, perhaps leading the viewer towards an old memory, a new idea, or another time and place entirely.

Jessica Johnston
Assistant Curator of Photographs
George Eastman House