Nathan Hoang: Home

  September 12 - November 2

On view; September 12 - November 2, 2014
Opening reception Friday, September 12 from 5:30-8:00pm
Artist talks; Friday, September 12 starting at 6:00pm

HOME is a photographic documentation of all 50+1 states and a list of why people call their state "Home" in the shape of the state. In 2011, Hoang moved to Colorado then New York for internships after living in Texas for 25 years. Both states were great but he was used to Texas-style living, so in 2012, he listed out all the things he missed about Texas and made it into a poster. It was a love letter to his home state. He received a few requests asking if he could make some posters for other’s home state and others asking if they could have one for themselves or to send to their loved ones overseas. His project “HOME” is a combination of the two. Hoang raised the funds for travel and accompanying books via Kickstarter. His travels allowed him time to meet and live with locals to learn why they really call their state home. He finds a symbol for each state that may be an everyday visual occurrence for locals, but is also something an outsider may associate with the state. This symbol is often captured through Hoang’s humorous eye to show a more colloquial view on the landmark. Each image holds a story unique to that state and the people he met on his journey.