Collaborations XII- Identity: Putting It All On The Table

  May 8 - July 5

May 8 - July 5, 2015
Opening Reception: May 8th, 6:00pm
Artist Talks: May 9th, 11:00am

HCP’s Collaborations is an educational program that celebrates photography and encourages cooperation and teamwork between Houston-area high school students as they create an exhibition from beginning to end.

Now in its twelfth year, Collaborations includes 15 students from 8 Houston-area high schools who met every other week in the evenings at HCP or at partner organizations such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Throughout the program, they meet with photography experts such as HCP staff, curators, university professors, and professional photographers to discuss exhibition planning, critique photographic work, and participate in lectures and discussions with artists and photographers from the Houston community.

“This year’s group explored the theme Self-Exploration; a powerful theme in adolescence. Self-Exploration, conceptually, is a natural beginning point for a young artist to start making work. In human development, adolescence is a time in which we begin to move away from the egocentricisms of childhood and begin to think outside of ourselves. It is human nature to contemplate our existence, our future, our behaviors and our relationships. Our natural maturation starts inward with self-exploration and moves outward to our environment. Students interpreted the theme in various ways whether through self-portraiture, exploration of their environment and/or exploring themselves as reflected in others. Through exploration of the archetypal Self, we gain more awareness of who we are as individuals and how we fit within our communities. Collaborations is more than a group exhibition, it is a collaborative experience for young photographers. As the facilitator for this year’s group, I watched as the group slowly became more cohesive over the course of four months. Ultimately, the exhibition selection and the physical act of gathering around the table united the group to create, Identity: Putting It All On The Table.” It was then that the students voiced that the group had become truly collaborative."

— Jamie Robertson, Outreach Coordinator