Online Exhibition: Houston Center for Photography x The Shlenker School

  May 6 - July 4

This is HCP’s fourth year teaching the photography afterschool program at the Shlenker School; Houston’s only Reform Jewish Day School.This program, derived from HCP’s PictureThis! Curriculum, currently in use at Texas Children’s Hospital, provides a fun, hands-on approach to learning photography. Each session focuses on a different aspect of being a photographer, teaching students how to "read" a photograph, how the camera works, how to take a good photograph, how to take photographs of their surroundings and people, and how to write and talk about their work.

During the program students learn to capture images using their own digital cameras, scanners, traditional film cameras, Holga cameras and instant film cameras. Students even explore alternative processes creating their own cyanotypes. They are also introduced to the work of photographers such as Diane Arbus, Elliott Erwitt, James Van Der Zee, and Cindy Sherman.

Students are given homework assignments based on photographic genres such as Documentary Photography. At the end of the semester students review their photographs and select their favorites for an exhibition and/or a photo book project.

Due to the group setting of the class, students not only learn about the art of photography, they also learn important social skills such as respecting differences of opinion, encouraging others in their creativity and kindness.

“As their instructor, I strived to create a fun and educational after school environment in which I encouraged students in their interests as young photographers. The main focus of the semester was creative expression through photography, the students would often come to class excited about ideas for photographs, such as photographing the lizards they saw on the playground at recess. Their final project was to create an accordion photobook featuring some of their favorite images and an exhibition at school. In addition, there is also an online exhibition featuring more of the amazing work of these young photographers.”

­—Jamie Robertson, Outreach Coordinator

Participating Students
Dylan Abrams, 8 years old
Anna Bronk, 10 years old
Anya Edelman, 10 years old